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Warehouse Management

One of the major aspects of Material Management is material rotation. Dealing in agro products which have shorter shelf life, it is important that they are sold quickly. Especially the non durable ones in the range have high consumer demand, therefore, we follow first in first out (FIFO) method to manage our stock. Similar is the case of agro products like fresh drumstick, silicon granule, PGR granule, lady finger, etc we stock. In order to make sure that the the first lot of Agro products stock that came into the warehouse is the first that goes out, relatively older goods are put at front, while the recently sourced products are stored in racks at back.

Our Mission & Vision

Nishant Enterprises is on mission to be customers favourite source for buying agriculture products. We envisage our company to be a certified distributor of many well-known names in the food market, dealing in a large number of Agro products.

Great Logistics

We agree with the fact that effective goods management is the backbone of sound logistics. The layout of our Nagpur based warehouse unit is designed and developed in such a manner that it enable proper and smooth flow of material. The second most important factor is Packaging. The products we deliver are primary, secondary and tertiary packaged, so that the aforesaid are protected against any kind of damage.  

Our Goals

Our company started from scratch, has set short- terms and long-term goals, which include:
  • To become a strongest link between manufacturing companies and end customers.
  • To continue to research the markets to find out potential customers.
  • To continue to provide efficient local delivery.
  • To continue to hold up enough inventory of products, for continuous flow of goods.